Nakama (仲間) (n.) colleague, comrade, a very good friend that one considers as family and shares your destiny in a deep way…

NAKAMA is a booking agency which focuses on promoting a roster of internationally recognized DJs, producers and live performers within the electronic music scene.

The NAKAMA vision is to bring their love, passion and trust in good music, to anything we are involved in. Collectively, our artists have played at some of the most renowned worldwide venues (Berghain Panorama, Watergate, Moog, Tresor, Fabric London, Zukunft, Oval Space, Breakfast Club, Concrete, Rex…) and festivals (Sonar, Electrosplash, Movement Detroit…) to name a few. They have even worked as remixers, label heads and artists in collaboration with other well-known producers, such as: Glenn Underground, Ron Trent, Stacy Kid, Anthony Nicholson, Jus-Ed, Kai Alce, Patrice Scott, Javonntte, Vick Lavender, Reggie Dokes, Gari Romalis, Garrett David... among many others.

In Madrid, "NAKAMA Nights" parties have regularly taken place in renowned venues such as Cafe Berlín, Marula Café, Stella, Nubel...etc; bringing both international and national guests like: Bill Brewster, Alexander Robotnick, Garrett David, Certain People, Simón García, Sergio Bifeis, Angel García...among others.

Onelia Palao is also part of the team, managing the NAKAMA arm and working as agent for these artists. Let's enjoy, work and share some great music together. Let´s be NAKAMA.

All the very best,


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