Jesus Gonsev


Jesus Gonsev is a dangerous and hungry mind able to make awesome tracks. That’s the best way to describe him. Influenced by jazz, soul, funk and deep house sound, Jesus is the owner of Troubled Kids Records Label; a faithful reflection of his taste, that combines elegant deep house with powered tech-house, which leads you undoubtedly straight to the dancefloor.

PPowerful names such as Pawas, Motorcitysoul, Kai Alce, Trevor Deep Jr, Grant, Herb Lf, Julian Gomes, Rocco Roadmap, Boris Hotton,Takayuki Higo, Ricardo Miranda, Life Recorder, Matt Flores, Henry L, Jagged, Joey Kay, Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana belong to his "Troubled Kids" family.

He has successfully released music under many labels such as: House Cafe Music, Troubled Kids Records, Audio Therapy, Sofitone Records Miami, Stupendous Music New York, Gotta Keep Faith Records, Prog City Deep, Global Underground, Centric Music, Peppermint Jam, Loudeast Records, Minuendo Records, Music With Content, Foliage Records, Deep Site Vinylized, DeepArts Sounds, Batti Batti, Deep Roots Underground, etc…

He has played at a big bunch of national and international venues and festivals such as: “Native Club” in Bristol, “Meltdown Fridays” and “Sunscape” Festival in Malta, “House 22”, “Jack Buddah” and “Gumba Fire” Festival in South Africa, “Carry on Label Party - Anthraz Club” in Frankfurt, “Extremly House Music/Ibiza Sonica Partys at “Aura” in Ibiza ,“Roller Disco”, ”The Room,” “Audio Nights”, “Weekend Club”, “Colors Soulful Nights” , “Akua Club”, “Deep City Nights” ,”Stromboli”, ”Cafe Berlin”, “Tesoro”, "Tempo Club", “Hotel ME”, “NuBel”, “La Casa Encendida” “Charada”, “Demodé” ,”Siroco”, “Maxime”, “Shoko”, ”Goa” festival in Madrid, “Garito Café” in Palma de Mallorca, “Monkey Club”, “La Loka” , “Guateque Club” at Sala Acapaculco - Casino de Asturias, “Loft “, “Sala Jardin” , “Stereo Club” in Gijón, “Maremar Beach Club” and “Sentados en el Techo” in Mallorca, “Deep Nostalgia at Sala Fortuni (Golden Room) in Las Palmas, “Monkey Club” in Ourense, “Global Circus” and “Social Club” in A Coruña, “Funkdacion Club” and “Sala Planet” in Ciudad Real, “Creando Ambiente Club” and “Sala BNB” in Burgos, “Gran Cafe Moderno”, ,”Selectronica” ,”El Submarino” ,”Cubic Club” in Salamanca… amongst others.

A flawless musical selection and a groove, would be the best way to describe his sets. Jesus Gonsev is Deep and High Class.